I am working on a problem in International Accounting. The question is dealing with Restructuring provision. The question is the following:
The company publicly announced a restructuring plan in 2015 that created a valid expectation on the part of the employees to be terminated that the company will carry out the restructuring. The company estimated that the restructuring would cost $300,000. No legal obligation to restructure exists as of December 31, 2015.
Per our book International Accounting 4th edition by Timothy Doupnik and Hector Perera, it gives IAS 37 to use to figure out restructuring.
I am looking for if this is the current IAS to review and it seems to me that under IFRS this would generate a liability of $300,000 and it would go against the profit and loss statement.
I am new to IFRS and this is my first accounting course with IFRS. I am looking to see if i am using the proper standard and if so am I applying it correctly?

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