Please find a current event about children, families or the community to research and write about for this paper. Your source must be a reputable (objective) news source. You may use a professional website as well. Some examples might be The New York Times, Time Magazine,, Do not use an article that is more than 6 months old.
Your paper should be written in the following format:

Bibliographic information.

Author, “Title of article,” Name of Publication or Web Page, Vol./Issue (if applicable), Date
2.Summary of article
An objective summary of the article which includes a retelling (in your words) of the issue and/or event. (5 points) Include information about what will happen next in the situation.
3.Your opinion
A subjective paragraph about your thoughts about this issue. (5 points) Include your thoughts about what YOU think should happen next.
4. Connection to this class
How is this event tied to this class? Be specific as you write a paragraph about the topic(s) in this class that are pertinent to the event.
5.Further questions (4 points)
Two questions that you are still wondering about, and why you are wondering.

Punctuation and spelling matter
Knowing the difference between objective and subjective matter!
Completeness of your answers matters!

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