Directions for the Blackbelt Project
Tri-Core Medical (illustrative project only – – not an active client engagement) has provided us a good example for a Lean Six Sigma study. Essentially, the facts presented to us are as follows:

There are 12 labs and they have differing levels of production – – from 780 draws of blood per month to 1200 draws.
The patient population and the equipment, even the three types of blood testing done are all nearly identical.
There is wide variation in the methods and approach.

The question to the blackbelt candidates is, “How would we approach this project?” “What Lean and Six Sigma tools might we suggest using to better analyze and control the variance?”
Even though we are not actually at this client, it is possible to go through the DMAIC method and discuss the tools and to populate a study. You have a template to guide you, the presentation, the tools, your book, and two senseis.
Your assignment is (in Powerpoint form, maximum 30 slides) to create a blackbelt project summarizing the problem, goal, process, causes of variation, analysis, graphics, and potential experiments to control. Use the tools and methods we have reinforced. Be sure to look at the example project.ppt (provided) and the current data (provided). I I have uploaded a sample example as well.

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