Open a search engine of your choice.
Search for the phrase “free personality test.” You will find links for many free tests based on the various personality theories.
Select and complete one test, and then answer the following questions.
Explain which test you took.
What did your results say? (You may paste the results page here if you like.)
Did the page mention what theorist the test used to develop the test (such as Jung, etc.)? While taking the test, did the questions seem to correlate with the theory? Why or why not?
Provide a thoughtful description of your personality. Do you think the results were accurate? If not, then what was inaccurate?
Would you want this personality assessment to be used by a place of employment to match you to a job environment? To select you for a position? Why or why not?
What is your evaluation of your personality assessment and did you find it helpful?  Do you believe this test to be valid and reliable? Explain.

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