Select any two business Net types (outlined in Introduction to Electronic Commerce by Kutz) and one example of each. Compare and contrast the two examples on commonalities and differences between them.  Then discuss each type in terms of the following organizational gains that are made possible by e-commerce:

Increased market share
Improving service
Faster delivery of product

Paper Guidelines

The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, in your own words, properly cite any outside resources. 
1″ margins and Times Roman Font, 12-point, or something comparable
The paper should be well organized with proper grammar and spelling. 
At least 2 sources, other than the textbooks, to strengthen your arguments, points, etc.   
Be sure to leave your name off the paper, this helps to ensure fairness in grading.

Be sure to properly cite any sources you use using APA format.  You can get some help on APA formatting here:

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