MN555 Unit 5 Discussion 1Group A: Last name A-LClass members with a last name A-L will respond with an initial response to Discussion Question #1; class members with the last name M-Z will respond with an initial response to Discussion Question #2. Please provide at least one response to class members in the opposite group, as well as, your initial response group.Case 1: Neurological DiscussionGeorge is a 59-year-old African American lawyer who experienced weakness and numbness of his right side while playing golf this morning. He complained of a headache when he first woke up, but figured the fresh air would alleviate it. After his weakness “attack,” it seemed as if he was unable to move his right side and could not communicate what was going on. He has a history of HTN, DM type 2, and has a 30-pack year history of smoking. George’s golf buddies called 911 to bring him to the ED.Critical Thinking QuestionsAssessment1. What would your initial diagnostic evaluation include?Diagnosis2. What are the differential diagnoses?3. What is your diagnosis for George?Plan4. What is your initial management?Advanced Nursing Care
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