Week 1 Tasks
Select one of the two topics below for your project, and:

Provide a short definition or description of the topic.
Provide the rationale for choosing this topic.
Conclude with a high-level description of how you plan to collect the data for this project.

Complete a 300- to 350-word essay in a Microsoft Word document with appropriate references noted.
Topic 1: Disease Process Examples
Select a disease process from among the following:

Coronary artery disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Cancer (lung, colon, breast)

In the next week, you will trace the continuum of care for this disease process in your own geographic region. Select a specific payer type before beginning. Be sure to collect information on the following:

Socioeconomic issues
Primary care
Specialist referrals
Outpatient services
Hospital care
Tertiary care, if appropriate
Rehabilitation care, if appropriate
Managed care issues
Quality-of-care issues
Total cost of care

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