Problem: As the direct result of his Alcohol Use Disorder patient has been unable to reach his full potential in the Physical domain of his life. Patient lacks adequate life skills to establish independence in recovery in this domain. Patient lacks understanding into the nature of his addictive thought patterns, irrational core beliefs and dysfunctional behavior patterns in this domain.
Goal: Develop and maintain healthy sleep patterns, nutritional intake, and physical activity patterns. Reduce or stop tobacco/nicotine use.
Objective: Promote better sleeping habits by following a consistent sleep schedule and practicing relaxing bedtime ritual of choice.
Objective: Proper nutrition and hydration are key to recovery. Attend individualized nutrition counseling to collaboratively develop a nutrition plan. Journal about your relationship with food and how it may impact your recovery.
Objective: Collaboratively develop an individualized workout program to include aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Exercise 5x per week (as you are able).
Objective: Participate in smoking cessation group. Work with counselor on individual interventions that target smoking. Meet with medical staff to determine if NRT or medication is appropriate for you.

I need to have an outline and 30-40 page power point based off of the above info and how it will be beneficial to a young adult ages 18-25 who are drug addicts and have just stopped using drugs.

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