It is Monday morning. The Incident Commander just sent you an email saying that a consulting company will be compiling all the data for the “Lessons Learned” session to be held later on. For that reason, you need to compile all the deliverables of this project in one 5-6 pages briefing paper. Make sure to incorporate the bibliography, and edit the complete document for style and formatting. Utilize appropriate subheadings and transitional statement to develop a cohesive report.
Your report should include:
· The description of your role- Finance Chief of the Incident Command System
· The briefing statement
· The current status of the situation – Trauma at the Tunnel…
· The stakeholder analysis
· The stakeholder linkage map (group project highlighting your part in it)
· The outline of the stakeholder engagement/communication plan
· List at least 3 lessons pertinent to the managerial roles you were assigned to.
Your Incident Commander has requested that you make any necessary changes based on the feedback offered previously. Appropriately formatted citations and references are required.
The briefing paper format is explained at Make sure to follow the subheaders and to arrange the information appropriately.

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