Assignment 6: Product Promotion
Develop a brand and a promotion mix for a new company that is selling rain barrels to homeowners.
The Product
Jim Taylor inherited a small sum of money from his father and is using his inheritance to start a company that manufactures and sells rain barrels for homeowners.  Jim makes his barrels out of recycled materials.  Because he is the manufacturer and the retailer, and because he already owns the land and building for manufacturing, he believes that he can undersell the competition by 10% and still make a nice profit.  He wants you to develop a promotion plan and help him come up with a good brand name.
You will need to conduct internet research on rain barrels to learn what they are, how they work, what the benefits are, how much the existing competition charges for them, and any other information you feel would be helpful.
The Brand
Jim wants a catchy name that portrays a “green” image and his love for nature and water conservation.  He is leaving it up to you to create something that will launch his company to national recognition.
The Promotional Mix
Jim wants to know how he should promote his new product and company.  You will need to develop a promotional mix explaining your plan for

personal selling
sales promotion
public relations

Your Assignment
Write a discussion post addressing the following:

Your proposed brand name.  State it, explain how you came up with it, explain why you think the brand name will work.
Your promotional mix.  How will you advertise?  What is the plan for personal selling?  What sales promotions do you recommend?  What should Jim do to build public relations?

Post a reply to at least two other authors.  Your reply should include one positive comment and one negative comment about the author’s plan.  Use the material in your text as the basis for your comments.  For example, “According to the text you should build positive relationships with the community through public relations.  Giving rain barrels to the homeless might be seen as insensitive and create a poor public image.”
To receive full credit for this assignment:

Write a discussion post explaining your brand and promotional mix plan.
State your proposed brand name and explain how you came up with it.  Explain why you think the brand name will work.
Describe your promotional mix.  Address advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations.  Thoroughly describe each element with specific ideas and suggestions.

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