Prepare a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper (cite 3-4 reliable sources) that addresses the following:
• Choose an existing privately owned healthcare system in your community or on the internet.• Describe what programs and services it offers.• Detail any quality assurance programs in place at this facility including whether or not this facility adheres to any private quality programs identified in Chapter 11 such as Quality First, AAHSA, AHCA, Alliance, AHQA, NQF, CARF, JCAHO, CCAC, CHAP, etc.• Does the Administration on Aging or the Aging Network impact the quality and availability of services at this facility?• Critique what is offered based on the demographics of the area and key components of the continuum that are and are not included in that system.• Propose additions to the system to complete the continuum of care and discuss how this continuum could be streamlined to move clients through it effectively over time.

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