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Step 1

Go to the Course Information area of our course and either download Dev C++ or use the Xendesktop to access the application. You will also find resources in this area.

Step 2


Open Dev C++ and create a new source file.Type the code shown above into your Dev C++ Program on the Compile & Run. Make sure that your output details box is open so that you can see where any errors may have occurred. See screenshot example below:

Dev C++

Important: Don’t try to copy and paste code from Word or other programs into Flowgorithm or Dev C++, because these applications may handle certain characters differently from your source document. It is important that you either copy the code from a text file (Notepad or Wordpad) or you type the code manually.

Step 3

Compile and run the program. If you receive errors, correct them until the program runs correctly. You will take a screenshot of your entire output screen to submit for grading. See image below for example.


Submission Instructions

Upload your .c file and a screenshot of your code output saved in a Word document including the path name directory at the top of the screen into the dropbox for grading. Note – Do Not Copy and Paste the output as seen in the directions of this exercise. This considered plagiarizing.

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