14) Which of the following statements are true about direct manipulation? (Select ALL that apply)

Users can immediately see whether their actions are furthering their goals, and if the actions are counterproductive, they can simply change the direction of their activity.

In order to use the interface, a great deal of training is required from more experienced users.

Designs involving direct-manipulation may consume valuable screen space and force valuable information off-screen.

Users experience less anxiety because the system is comprehensible and because actions can be reversed easily.

Intermittent users have trouble retaining the operational concepts involved in the interface.

Question 15

Which of the following early systems used principles of direct manipulation (Select all that apply)?

Xerox Star

Apple Lisa




Question 16

Some designers believe that 3D interfaces will make it easier for users to learn because it more closely mimics the real world. Which of the following are helpful 3D representations? (Select ALL that apply)

Computer-assisted design (CAD)

File directories

Medical Imagery

Digital libraries

Chemical structure modeling

Question 17

Which of the following are benefits of electronic meeting systems? (Select ALL that apply.)

The ability to discuss issues anonymously.

Increases eye contact among the participants.

A permanent record of what occurs can be recorded automatically based on the group memory.

Facilitates broader input into the meeting process and reduces the chance that only a few people will dominate the meeting.

Guarantees meeting will be lively due to aesthetically pleasing slides.

Question 18

Suppose you are in charge of designing an interface that will allow business employees to vote and comment on certain issues. You decide to build an asynchronous online conferencing tool. Select (ALL) the choices that capture the advantages of building a tool in this form.

There is 24-hour availability, so participants can participate when it is convenient for them.

The conference leader will get immediate feedback from everyone when the issue becomes public online.

Participants can phrase their contributions carefully, without pressure to make an immediate comment.

Conference leaders can gauge how the participants react by watching their faces via videoconferencing.

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