#include usi” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cdn/qimg/dd696c4a320c4bb38ca479411a8b1c74.jpg” aria-describedby=”jmk”>please explain how you got answer.

5. What is(are) the output(s) of the following program? char** funct(char A[][SIZE]) #include #include using namespace std; typedef char* chPtr; const int SIZE = 3; char** funct(char A[][SIZE]); int main() chPtr *p=new chPtr[SIZE]; for(int k=0; k= 0) p[m][n]=’X’; else p[m][n]=’Y’; return p; char M[SIZE][SIZE]={{‘A’,’B’,’C’},{‘D’,’E’,’f’},{‘G’,’H’,’I’}}; chPtr *q=new chPtr[SIZE]; for(int k=0; k

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