Answer the following quiz:

**On a GitHub project page, what did the “number of commits” tell you?

Select one:

a. How long the project had been running for

b. How many of the people working on the project were married

c. How many people worked on the project

d. How many changes had been made to the project

e. The license of the project (BSD, GPL, MIT)

**When you entered “2”+”2″ into the JavaScript console, what was the result?

Select one:

a. “4”

b. 4

c. “2”

d. “22”

**Review your answer to Lab 6, question 8.

When changing the name Merlene to Verlene, which one of the following was true?

Select one:

a. It is the same amount of work to update both databases

b. Updating the database was not required.

c. Changing the by_name database is less work to update

d. Changing the flat database is less work to update

**Review your answer to Lab 7, Question 5.

What does adding -w 200 to the tracert command do?

Select one:

a. Makes it stop waiting for a response after 200 milliseconds

b. Changes how wide the sent packets are to 200 bytes

c. Limit the number of hops to 200

**Review your answer to Lab 7, Question 6.

When you opened the dogobook.html file in your browser, what was the protocol displayed in the URL?

Select one:

a. http://

b. file://

c. https://

d. gopher://

**Review your answer to Lab 8, Question 4.

What resolution (size) was the test_image.png?

Select one:

a. 1024 x 1024 pixels

b. Full HD

c. 18 megapixels

d. 600 dpi

e. 256 x 256 pixels

**Review your answer to Lab 10, Question 9 (“How many neurons did your hidden layer require before it could reliably classify the points in the XOR pattern?”)

Which of the following is true?

Select one:

a. The neural network needed only 1 neuron in the hidden layer to reliably classify the XOR pattern

b. The network did not require any neurons in the hidden layer

c. XOR is impossible to solve, no matter how many neurons are in the hidden layer

d. The neural network needed more than 3 neurons in the hidden layer to reliably classify the XOR pattern

**Which of the following tools did you use in Lab 9 to make the screen easier to read?

Select one:

a. Narrator

b. Magnifier

c. GIMP Zoom tool

d. On-screen Keyboard

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