• An Android app to introduce Chinese culture


Design and implement an Android app to introduce Chinese culture


1) Choose one topic about Chinese culture, e.g., Chinese food, language, attractions, persons, peking opera, …

2) A landing page

a) includes app title and background image

b) supports different layouts for portrait and landscape view

c) click or after a timeout to go to 3)

3) List page

a) at least 10 items of the selected topic

b) each item shows a thumbnail and a title

c) supports scrolling

d) clicking an item will go to 4)

4) Detail page

a) picture(s) and description of the item

b) click a back button to return to 3)

c) shows a RatingBar to rate the item and saves the rating to a file or SharedPreferences, and restores the rating when return to this activity


1) Report (.docx or .pdf):

a) Introduction of the topic

b) app design: UI screenshots and description

c) implementation: core code (do NOT copy/paste large piece of code) and explanation

d) conclusion

2) source code (.zip or .rar):

a) only files related to your coding, e.g., MainActivity.java, res/layout/*, res/drawable/*, res/values/*, AndroidManifest.xml, etc.

b) do NOT submit the whole project, e.g., gradle files, test files

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