ACID properties:

A: A transaction should either be performed in its entirety or not performed at all.

C: A transaction transforms a database state from a consistent state to another consistent state.

I: A transaction, though may execute concurrently, should appear as though it is executed in isolation from other transactions.

D: A committed transaction has a permanent impact on the database. The changes must be kept in case of any failure.

V and K look together for new hardware and find on the site a great combo for the well-known tablet Pad351 together with a matching keyboard Key751. V successfully purchases one combo Pad351 plus Key751. K tries to buy another combo, but while waiting for confirmation, the website crashes. When comes online again, V’s order has disappeared in the system, and K has an order only for a Key751, without matching Pad351, in the system.

For each of the 4 ACID properties:

Say in no more than 3 sentences (for each property) whether the system clearly violated this ACID property and give a reason for your answer.

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