a) The Process Image element that contains the collection of attributes needed by the OS to control a particular process is called the:

User Data

System Stack

Process Control Block

None of these are the described process image element

b) The basic Two-State Process Model defines two possible states for a process in relationship to the processor:

Running and Executing

Running and Not Running

Executing and Waiting

None of the these are correct

c) One step in the procedure for creating a new process involves:

Initializing the process control block

Allocating space for the process

Assigning a unique identifier

All of these are steps needed when createing a new process

d) In the Five-State Process Model; the following represents a valid state transition:

Running -> Blocked

Blocked -> Ready

Running -> Ready

All of these are valid transitions

e) In a multithreaded system context information for context switching (such as the program counter; user registers; PSW; etc.) is kept in the thread control block.

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