5. Explain clearly the function of mount utility. [5 marks] 6.

Explain why it is not a good idea to mount anything on root (/). [5 marks]

7. a. What happens if you issue a command to unmount a system that is currently in use? [3 marks] b. How could you kill the process(es) that is (are) using the system and unmounts the system? [1 mark] c. How could you umount all mounted systems that are not in use? [1 marks]

8. a. What is the purpose of the utility du? [2.5 marks] b. What are the different options that you could use with du? Explain the purpose of these options. [2.5 marks]

9. a. What is the purpose of fstab? [2.5 marks] b. Explain the contents of 6 columns that it usually displays. [2.5 marks]

10. Explain the main functions of the utility yum.

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