3.   Paget Integrated Solutions (40 pts)
Constance Paget is the owner of Paget Integrated Sol
utions, a Web technology consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington. Paget is planning a seminar on Web applications with a popular guest speaker to take place in Houston, Texas, next spring. She wants your help in generating a budget for the seminar that will incorporate the fixed, variable, and mixed costs to determine under what conditions the seminar will be profitable for her company.
a.   Use formulas to find total revenue, total fixed cost, variable cost, mixed costs and balance. (Hint: Vlookup function is required to find the mixed costs)
b.   Use goal seek to determine what number of attendees will result in a balance of $0.
c.   Constance know that the registration fee for the seminar increases, the number of attendees willing to pay decreases. Change the number of attendees from a constant value to the following formula:
Use Solver to determine the registration fee that will maximize the balance value with the constraint that the registration fee should be an integer.

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