a) There are a number of conditions that can lead to process termination including:

Normal completion

Bounds violation

Parent termination

All of these can lead to process termination

b) Which of the following structures are used to support dynamic execution of a running process/thread:

Function call stack

Program heap

Code and data blocks

All of these structures are used for dynamic execution

c) Processes are generally cheaper to create and switch between than the threads within a process.

d) When a process is in the __________ state; it is in secondary memory but is available for execution as soon as it is loaded into main memory.


Blocked / Suspended


Ready / Suspended

e) The two separate and independent responsibilities of a process and a thread are:

Time slice management vs. context switching

Memory management and files vs. interrupt handling

Resource allocation and protection vs. execution and scheduling

None of these are the correct choice

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