Potter (2010, slide 3) offers these recommendations when handing over a project to another project manager:

  • Even when the project appears to be completed there might be as much as 25% of the original costs involved in putting things right, rework and so forth
  • The three aspects of project afterlife show how successful the project leader and manager has been in terms of:
    • Ensuring that the client organisation is linked into the project so that they can use it effectively
    • Auditing the project life cycle and processes and building on strengths to minimize the impact of weaknesses
    • Dismantling the project team and celebrating the success of the project
  • Letting go of a project at its winding up is not always easy

He also recommends you (Porter, 2010):

Document the learning

Record  best practices and project information

Summarize the effectiveness of the project process

Francis (2015) provides this checklist to follow when handing over a project:

  • Project documentation (risk and issue logs, project plan and charter, project schedule, etc.)
  • All documents involved in initial project plans
  • Change requests throughout the project
  • Financial reports and processes
  • Deliverables of the project have been accepted by both the client or sponsor
  • Project status reports have been reviewed with your team and are up to date
  • Financial reports and processes complete
  • A list of contacts and their job roles
  • Staff evaluation and performance reports completed
  • Introduce the new Project Manager to team members and stakeholders
  • Suggest next steps for the new Project Manager

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