This week, you will create an outline of your formal report. You must use the Outline Template located in Doc Sharing for this assignment. Your outline should include the following.


Information for all sections of the report: Be sure to fill in every section of the outline template with the required information.   


In-text citations: In-text citation for all sources listed on your References page must be included within the outline indicating how you used each of the sources listed on the References page.    


References page: Include the References page you created in Week 3.



Your name:

Directions: Refer to your textbook (Chapter 2, page 48 and Chapter 10, page 311) and the Week 4 Lecture to complete this outline. Write in complete sentences, not single words or short phrases. Be as detailed as possible, adding in-text citations for all references noted on your References page from Week 3, which should also be included here. The more information you place in this final outline, the less work you will have to do for the report drafts.

Introduction: This section sets the stage and purpose of the report. See page 320 in the text for help in completing this section. (Minimum of one sentence per point)




Discussion: This section, the longest in your report, will vary depending on your topic, but you should have at least three main points (facts, arguments, etc.) to be developed, which should stem from solid evidence. The sub-points further define each of the main points. Include correctly formatted APA in-text references within the outline below for each reference listed on the Reference page. (Minimum of one sentence per point)

I. Main point 1

    A. sub point 1

    B. sub point 2

II. Main Point 2

    A. sub point 1

    B. sub point 2

III. Main Point 3 

     A. sub point 1

     B. sub point 2

Conclusions: No new information should be added in this section. State the major points that can be drawn from the discussion. (Minimum of two sentences for the outline)


Recommendations: Indicate your chosen solution based on the information presented in the discussion and conclusion. Remember, this section relies only on previously presented evidence in the discussion and conclusions. (Minimum of two sentences for the outline)


References: Include your References page here.


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