This semester we spent time reading three books/plays. We read A Dolls House, Cathcer in the Rye, and A Brave New World. Yoru final paper is going to be one one of those authors. We read books from J.D. Salinger, Audlous Huxley, and Henrik Ibsen. You may choose either one of those authors to write your paper. 

Your must have TEN sources for your paper. The paper specifications are listed below:


you must have at least two books. The play/books we used in the class can count as a book. For example, the Catcher in the Rye can count as a book. 

You must have at least four journal/newspaper/magazene articles.

No more than four websites


5 Pages Not including Title & Reference Page

No more than one movie/documentary

No more than one interview


You may use an encyclopedia for one source


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