This is not a team-based assignment, so you should work on it individually. Students will be expected to conduct a 30-minute interview with someone who currently holds a management position in an organization. After the interview, students will be asked to write a 5-7 page essay that includes the following: (1) A brief background of the interviewee’s work, educational, and personal experiences, (2) A discussion of what you learned from the interview with respect to the central functions of management, ie., leading, planning, controlling, etc., (3) Whether or not you think the interviewee is an effective manager (and support your critique). Also please include a list of the questions you asked of your interviewee. Along with their paper, students will be asked to provide the instructor with a sheet that includes the date and time of the interview, and the contact information for the interviewee. Rubric Mini-Case Ruberic (2) Mini-Case Ruberic (2) Criteria Ratings Pts Addressed All Aspects of Assignment Requirements 25 pts Integrated Course Material in Discussion 25 pts Provided Thoughtful Analysis 25 pts Paper was Generally Free From Grammar and Syntax Errors 25 pts Total Points: 100

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