This homework involves simulating the process that is used for generating this page.  In the first phase the courses are entered.  The second phase is when students enter the times they wish to staff the lab.  You are to simulate that process.

The web page should start out as a blank schedule with just the times and days of the week.  There should be an “Add Course” button, a “Remove Course” button and a “Done” button.  To add a course you will need to know the course name, the start time, its duration and the day or days of the week.  You will need to include form elements that allow you to gather that information.  The course should be added only if there is no conflict in any of its times.  To remove a course, you will just need to know the course name.  Removing a non-existent course should have no effect.  After adding or removing a course, you should return to the original page with the new information present.

Once the “Done” button is pressed, you should go to a new page that is similar, except that the three buttons (and any additional form elements you have created) are no longer present.  Now place a “Sign Up” button that allows a user to sign up.  The user needs to enter a user name and days and times for two hours.  For the purposes of this exercise, you can require them to sign up for two hours. After a user has signed up, the web page should refresh with the new information, ready to sign up another volunteer.

Notes and hints:  Clearly, this website requires some sort of back end to persist beyond a single session.  You should use session variables to maintain the information.

  • Posted: 4 years ago
  • Due: 13/03/2016
  • Budget: $20

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