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Assignment 2: Data Structures

In this assignment, you will apply data structures in an OOP program.

Write the following programs:

  1. Elementary Data Structures

Suppose you created a video project that has two data structures—an array of strings and a ListView control. You used the Sort() method of the array class to put the film names in ascending order. Then the program populated lstNames with the ordered strings from the array.

In this assignment, you will:

  • Populate the list using a different technique. Within the Form1_Load event, comment out the Sort() method.
  • Change the Sorting property of lstNames to Ascending.
  • Change the Sorting property of lstNames to Descending to display the names in lstNames sorted automatically.

Save the program as Elementary.cpp.

  1.  Implementation and Application of Data Structures

In this assignment, you will write a program that:

  • Converts the bubble sort, changing the outer loop from a for loop to a while loop, so that an early exit is possible when the film names list becomes sorted.
  • Uses a Boolean variable to control the outer loop.

Save the program as Application.cpp.

Submission Details:


Embed the two programs in a Microsoft Word document with a description of your programming strategy.

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