The scientific method is used by most people on a daily basis for solving ordinary problems. Read the description of the steps involved in the scientific method in the text paying close attention to the steps outlined in Section 1.4. Then pick 1 of the 4 examples below and describe the steps of the scientific method you would use to test the question or find the solution to the problem. In other words, please design a virtual experiment (using the steps of the scientific method) to test the hypothesis you make about one of the questions listed below. 


Be sure to identify the steps (observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment/test, controls, results, conclusions). In your responses to each other, help each other identify the parts of the process properly so that the results can be clearly interpreted.

1. Butterflies can fly because they have wings?

2. Equal (an artificial sweetener) causes cancer?

3. K-gro brand fertilizer increases tomato crop yields by up to 50%?

4. Pick a recent problem you encountered in everyday life and describe how you could use the scientific method to solve the problem.

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