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Your task in this assignment is to build off of the work you completed in the previous three assignments in such a way that you are working for a financial services firm (potentially in one of your choices from assignment one) specializing in the product you developed, borrowed, and or created in assignments two and three. You were green-lighted on your proposal for the plan created in assignment three, and then, promoted as sales manager of this particular product/service line. You have 12 sales employees working for you in your division within the United States, some are existing and some you will get to hire. You will answer the following in a written discussion–be thorough and complete in your analysis..I am really looking for you to synthesize the course materials given in this assignment:

Introduction: What are you ‘doing’ in this work, and why?

Section One: What are the keys to success in time, territory, and self management for your respective division?  Discuss the importance of the sales territory, explain the major elements involved in managing the sales territories, explain why salespeople need to segment their accounts by size, and calculate a salesperson’s break-even point per day, hour and year (it’s ok to make up the numbers…just be consistent and show me what you know).

Section Two: How are you going to be successful in planning, staffing, and training sales people?Discuss the relationship between a firm’s marketing plan, sales force, and the sales force budget. Describe the organization of your sales force. Explain the two major elements involved in staffing the sales force–personnel planning and employment planning, discuss what is involved in training your sales force.

Section Three: How will you motivate, compensate, evaluate and lead your sales people? Present and discuss the five elements of the motivation mix as related to your salesforce, explain the basic methods of compensating sales people and the method you have chosen for your own salesforce, review three approaches to leadership and suggest leadership techniques for improving your potential effectiveness as the sales manager of your division, discuss why salespeople must be evaluated, who should evaluate them, when they should be evaluated what performance criteria should be evaluated, and how you intend to conduct evaluations.

Conclusion: What did you accomplish in this work and summarize the major ‘take-aways’ from this assignment?

My assignment three was a bust and I was have been allowed to come up with a new proposal that will fit this assignment. This is a desperation attempt to get this done on time so please be quick to respond. 2 pages is plenty as I am not looking to get a perfect score just trying to avoid a failing grade. 

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