•Search Engines•Search engines function with a search algorithm which checks your site for keywords, keyword phrases, links on site and off site as well as click-throughs to your site in order to rank your site and reach target web users who type in specific keywords, phrases or questions / sentences into the search engine’s query field •Bots and Crawlers•Search engine’s bots and crawlers crawl your site when you submit your link to search engine webmaster tools, and each time you create backlinks to higher authority sites, forums, directories, discussion boards, other related sites and pages online•Carefully choose your niche, keywords both primary and secondary for better ranking and to stay competitive with other similar or related sites online which pop up in the search result pages for your primary keyword or words or phrase or question or sentence•Keywords and Phrases in Appropriate Places•Put your primary keyword in the title tags, meta tags, alt tags, under images, graphics and in the website description area so that the search engine’s mechanism understands what your site is really about•Your homepage needs to be clear on what your site is about•Do not overuse your primary and secondary keywords or else you will be penalized for spam techniques •Competitive advantage•When you type in your primary keyword in the search engines with “your keywords” to see exact matches sites with the keyword pop up it is best to see less than 100 000 results pop up for your keyword•Find as many secondary related keywords to your primary keyword/niche/topic and include them in your articles, data, graphics, images, videos, audio files on your site and in your backlinks to ensure your target website audience can find you•Creating Content•Do not copy and paste other site’s content•Always aim to overdo competitor sites•If you see webpages with content that covers 100 ways to do something in your niche then create  content that covers 150 ways•Create pillar articles that in depth about a certain topic•Create videos and submit them to other video sites with various titles to insure more exposure in the search engines and to the eyes of your audience•Keep the interests of your target audience/customers always in mind•Create valuable backlinks in various forms that will serve as marketing to your audience on other sites/boards/forums/blogs but also benefit those other sites with valuable comments


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