Sample Assignment 2 Project Implementation (Notes: This report should include 1: business logic & functionalities + Help menu; 2: Technical features in the project like database connection; 3: GUI interfaces ) Travel Agent System Abstract Travel Agent is great travel specials posted online daily by hundreds of professional travel agents worldwide! Travel Agent Specials is a free service for both site visitors and agents. Regardless of whether you are interested in airfares, deals on hotels, group tours, travel specials. Introduction ( Completion of the project? ) This particular website that will not only provide information to users about the places and their specialities, but also allow users to search the database in a user friendly environment by The name of the location The name of the Popular Travel The price range of car to hire Airfares The same list of search options is available for the best deal of toriest places. Through the use of Java Servlets, java Script, Travel Agents and Access applications, we will create a dynamic website with the potential for continual expansion. This project uses a additional feature of the advanced java application. Objective Broad objective: To provide a web-portal for the people willing to go for traveling, gives information regarding Tourist Destination and Hotel Booking. Scope The scope of the job will include the followings: Requirement analysis Design, development and testing of custom application software Implementation of custom application software Preparation of Technical Manual Preparation of Operation Manual Maintenance for one calendar year after implementation Motivation: This project will enhance our theoretical and practical skills on e-commerce. We will get the opportunity to study the methodologies for applying the concepts through the project. Project Description ( business logic & functionalities + Help menu ) The primary requirement for…

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