Research Program 1:

You are hired by the University to create an application that will be replacing the online internal promotional form due to the fear of inputting personal applications online. Your job is to:

Present a proposal

Breakdown using a Flow chart

Create a working prototype of the existing online form

1. Account Balance

Perform Steps 1 through 6 of the programming process to design an application that gets from the user the starting balance of a savings account, the total dollar amount of the deposits made to the account, and the total dollar amount of withdrawals made from the account. The application should calculate the account balance.


Step 1

: Describe the following characteristics of this application:





Step 2

: Draw a sketch of the application’s form and place all the controls that are


Step 3

: Make a list of the controls you included in your sketch. List the control

type and the name of each control.

Step 4

: List the value of the Text property for each control, as needed. (Remember, some controls do not have a Text property.)

Step 5

: List each method needed. Give the name of each method and describe what each method does.

Step 6

: For each method you listed in Step 5, draw a flowchart or write pseudocode.


2. Correct the code below

Public Class frmArray
    Private Sub btnRun_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnRun.Click
        Const intSize As Integer = 5

        Dim intNumberArray(intSize) As Integer

        intNumberArray(0) = 100

        For intCounter = 2 To intSize + 1

            intNumberArray(intCounter) = intCounter * 100



    End Sub

End Class


The application must output the same results as:



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