Overview of the assignment Under the traditional publishing model, agents shop creative content to publishing and production companies. Based on your personal and professional interests, as well as your team selection for the Collaboration Assignment, assume the role of writer (print, screenplay, teleplay, etc.), composer, game designer or filmmaker. Determine what type of creative content you will solicit in hopes of securing a book, music, game, film or television deal: printed material (e.g., book, book, teleplay, script or screenplay), music single or album, or audiovisual content (film/TV/games). Using industry sources, locate an appropriate agent to shop your work. For this assignment, please use the Full Sail University library or local library to access resources. Examples of appropriate reference or research titles may include: The Writer’s Guide to the Marketplace (most recent edition), and The Songwriter’s Guide to the Market; trade journals and publications, such as: The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, CMJ, Publisher’s Weekly, SGA, and WGA; or other available library resources to conduct research on an appropriate agent for your creative content. As always, be sure to provide proper citations for each of your sources. Draft a standard query/pitch letter to the agent. Use a traditional business letter format (block paragraph style). Please see the query letter example in the Appendix of your text for an example of this. Be sure to discuss your project’s content and your professional credentials in a brief yet engaging manner. Ideally, the letter will be one page or less. Again, use a standard business letter template and format–not an email or memorandum format. Along with the letter, be sure to indicate what source(s) you used to locate the agent, using appropriate citations. For this project, in addition to the Instructions and Rubric, also feel free to use other materials provided, including: Before You Contact an Agent, Literary Agent Guide, Agent Query Tips and Sample Query Letter. Remember: you are NOT looking for a talent or booking agent, since you’re not trying to get a performing gig. Rather, you are looking for a literary agent, songwriting agent, film sales agent, etc.–someone who specializes in shopping the creative content (i.e., book, music, film, game, etc.). Also, please do NOT select the William Morris Agency, which is primarily a talent agent for “A”-list Hollywood talent and not appropriate for shopping unsigned creative content. This assignment is worth ten percent (10%) of your total grade. Please refer to the Instructions and Rubric for more detail.

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