Assignment 1: The Prototyping Approach to Developing IT Systems



Assignment Description: Report on the prototyping approach to developing HCI systems and applications.


You are required to produce a report on the current developments as well as psychological considerations in building in HCI systems and applications. The report will also look at the current approaches to prototyping and their use in the IT industry.


Your report should include the following sections:



1.    Describe the usefulness of creating prototypes and their role in IT system development. Include an explanation of the role of the Users.

(Approx 300 words)


2.    Describe in detail the developments as well as psychological considerations in building in HCI systems and applications.

(Approx 600 words)


3.    Research and report on the current approaches to prototyping and their use in the IT industry. Discuss the benefits of each methodology in their design, development and testing techniques.

(Approx 600 words)




The total word count for this report should be 1500.

Prototypes and HCI are very visual. Make sure your report reflects this.




Assignment 2: Developing a Prototype



Assignment Description: Prototype for a Chosen System

You are required to plan, design, select and evaluate a development environment, develop, test and document a prototype system of your own choice. The system should have sufficient scope to facilitate the use of forms, menus, and controls and be capable of linking to a data file. Areas that may be investigated include, but are not limited to:


·         Video Rental Systems

·         Library Information Systems

·         Bookshop Management Systems

·         Personnel Management Systems

·         Inventory Control Systems

·         Sports Management Systems

·         Airline Reservation Systems

·         Warehouse Management Systems

·         etc.



1.    Produce a complete requirements specification document for the proposed application. Your specification should include a discussion on your reasons for selecting such system.


2.    Produce a ‘Project Plan’ for the prototype development process.


3.    Design a screen layout using a CASE TOOL for the form(s) that will meet the user requirements. You may, if you feel necessary, produce a state transition diagram and/or an event and action chart of your application that would assist a third party developer when applying your design.


4.    Decide on how you would test the prototype. Based on your chosen methodology, produce a test plan to be used in testing the prototype.


5.    Provide a brief description of THREE development environments that could be used in building the prototype. Decide on the one that you are likely to use should the specification be approved.

6 Develop a functional prototype for the system using the chosen Development Environment. Your Prototype should have most of the functionality identified in the requirements document.


7.Test the prototype thoroughly against the objectives of your test plan and record your findings.


8.Fully document your prototype. Your report should be suitable for submission to the store manager. It should also include the strengths and weakness of prototyping as a design methodology.


9.You are required to critically evaluate your prototype against the theory of prototyping principles.





·         You are expected to submit, along with your documentation, a ‘soft copy’ of your prototype, either via MOODLE Assignment Drop Box or using a storage device.


·         In addition to submitting complete documentation, you will be required to present your prototype in class. The audience could include staff members in addition to your colleagues.






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