Preliminary analysis of proposed online business and e-commerce strategy CIS8100 Dheeraj varma Nadimpalli(U1054064) Introduction 2 About the company 2 Proposed E-Commerce presence 2 Environmental Analysis 4 Value propositions 4 Core competencies 5 Market analysis and trends 6 Strategy Evaluations 7 Strategic Goals and Objectives 8 Key stakeholders 8 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction Today, economies are turning service based and their dependency on IT is increasing day by day. Initially solutions were used for back end operations but with arrival of internet and e-commerce, big applications are now accessible over internet and mobile platforms. These platforms serve many needs of customers and assist organizations in building businesses. However, the use of IT for providing services online is not limited to private sector but public sectors firms across the globe are transitioning from legacy systems to online digital service models. The E-commerce models have some obvious benefits such as speed of delivery, access to larger audience, flexibility to innovate, greater transparency and saving of costs. This paper discusses the case of a government service organization that is planning to build an e-commerce platform for providing consolidated information about government service on a single platform that is open to its citizens in the UK. About the company The company under consideration is into government services which provide multiple services such as birth, death or marriage registrations, housing and other local services, voting and other community participation services, legal and justice, tax services and passport or immigration services. The company has a vision to become a preferred partner of government bodies for distribution of public information. The website aims to inform and educate citizens of the country on various matters. It has four values of leadership, innovation, integrity and service.   Proposed E-Commerce…

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