Please select a product or a service, either new or existing, and apply what you have learned in class to create a non-traditional marketing communications campaign for them. The product we choice is LEGO. Given the declining influence of television commercials, please consider non- traditional ways in which the company can reach their clients (not television, magazine, radio, newspaper, etc. advertising). The paper should come up with 4-6 (at least 4, no more than 6) potential “alternative” ways to communicate about their brand/product. In proposing these potential alternative communication methods, you should be sure that your ideas fit clearly within the overall positioning/architecture of the brand. You will need to make a case for why you have chosen the specific ideas you have generated, as well as discuss in detail how you will execute each idea, and the objectives you have for each idea. Depending on the idea, you might want to create drawings or photographs that detail the execution. I will expect some sort of detailed creative articulation of each of your ideas. In addition, your proposal should include clear criteria by which you would evaluate the relative success of each alternative. What will your specific objective be for each idea—exactly what do you want to accomplish? How will you determine if the idea actually worked? What data will you need to determine if it did work? Your ideas should be concrete, implementable and measurable, as well as creative. Depending on your ideas, it may be difficult to determine costs, so you may have to find relevant benchmarks and then make assumptions.

In addition, your ideas should clearly be focused on marketing communications tasks. It might be a great idea to re-design the stores, but that would not be a marketing communication task. The distinctions between what is and what is not marketing communications can be blurry.

This project consists of two parts: a written report and an in-class presentation. Your paper should be no longer than 20 pages (double spaced, at least 3⁄4 inch margins all around, 12 point font); with no more than 5 pages in appendices and exhibits. In-class presentations will be no more than 20 minutes long. As such, your presentation may leave out some of the content that appears in your paper — i.e., you might present only your 2-3 best ideas. Project topics are due in class on Nov 3. Slides for all teams are due in class on Dec 2. Papers for all teams are due in class on Dec 7.

Form a group of no more than 5 people to work with. Sigh up for a team before the beginning of class on Oct 5.

Start on this project early. Each quarter comes to an end quickly.


  • Posted: 4 years ago
  • Due: 30/11/2015
  • Budget: $300

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