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Flip a fair coin ten times and write down the number of heads obtained. Now repeat this process 100,000 times. Obviously you do not want to have to do that by hand, so create the necessary R code to do it for you. Summarize the results of your 100,000 trials of ten flips each in a barplot. Convert the results to probabilities and represent that in a barplot as well. Write a brief interpretive analysis that describes what each of these barplots signifies and how the two barplots are related. Make sure to comment on the shape of each barplot and why you believe that the barplot has taken that shape. Also make sure to say something about the center of the barplot and why it is where it is. If you are feeling ambitious you can optionally create a barplot of cumulative probabilities. If you choose to do this, write an interpretation of that barplot as well.

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