Lab Questions – Part A (50 points)


1.      List several services running on each host (list host by host with IP separately)? (5 points) FTP, Telnet, HTTP, MSRPC, Netbios, HTTPS, Microsoft-DS (Directory Service), MySQL, RDP (Terminal Services), VNC via HTTP and standard VNC service. SSH and VNC services. SSH and DNS services.

2.      Is Nmap able to identify the operating system running on each system? Is there any Nmap feature that can be used to guess the OS of the host? Explain your answer. Using the ports that are open and the probable services running on those ports, determine what operating systems are running on each host (separately). Explain your answer.  (15 points)

3.      Which host appears most secure? Least secure? Explain your answers. (5 points)


4.      Describe several important uses of Nmap. (5 points)

5.      Which feature(s) of Nmap did you find the most useful and why? (5 points)

6.      Which feature(s) of Nmap did you find the most difficult to use and why? (5 points)


7.      Research a Nmap command or feature that you consider important but not covered in this lab. Describe its usage and report your findings when running the command against the host in the lab. (10 points)




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