Journal 1 to be submitted as single document (10% – 600 words) Your journal task is to choose any two Health Information Systems (HIS) and assess them, and write a report. The assessment should focus on the various components of business systems covered in Module 1. Journal 2 to be submitted as single document (15% – 700 words) Your journal task is to identify various considerations involved in planning for a secured Health Information System. For this purpose, assume that you are an IS Manager of a hospital of your choice. The hospital consists of 10 beds, and specialises in cancer related issues. The CEO is keen to develop a HIS for the customers so that billing and scheduling can be managed. You are required to use your prior knowledge to arrive at a planning document. You can define the hospital, the type of services to be offered as an initial scope and then plan for the HIS. Journal 3 to be submitted as single document (15% – 750 words) This task follows on from the previous tasks. Your journal task is to identify and elaborate five specific cost aspects for developing the HIS, integrating the HIS securely with other computing systems in the hospital. The hospital staffs use various systems such as the HR system, finance system, access system and payroll systems. Further, these systems are also accessed using mobile computers such as the iPads. The CEO would like to develop a complete set of hardware, telecommunication and Human Resource Infrastructure for the purpose of developing the HIS planned in Journal 2.

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