Deliverable Length: 7–10 PowerPoint slides 


You have been hired to help a company that has networks in Nashville, Tennessee and Toronto, Canada. The network servers at these locations have changed operating systems to Linux and are having some troubles with their DNS and DHCP configuration.

Here are some details about the company:

  • The Nashville site has a medium-sized network of 170 users and 5 subnets using TCP/IP.
  • That site also has Internet connectivity and maintains a Web server. Both sites have customer service, business, inventory, and IT departments.
  • The Nashville site houses most of the management team, but Toronto has a vice president in charge of that location with an operations manager and supervisors for the customer service, business, inventory, and IT groups at that location.
  • Nashville also has a marketing department.
  • The IT department is facing a personnel shortage in the networking area, and is looking for a resource to fill the position This could lead to a network engineer position opportunity at the company.

Create a brief document for the company about DNS and DHCP under Linux, including the following:

  • DNS and DHCP’s purpose
  • DNS and DHCP configuration files
  • DNS and DHCP under Linux Troubleshooting tips

Provide the company with some insight into how to it can incorporate the information your document provides into its system to make it better.

The company is also looking to use Apache, so include the following:

  • Explain Apache.
  • What can Apachebe used for?
  • Should it be used in this particular company’s network to share information? Why or why not?

Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.

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