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This general education course, required for all undergraduates, is designed to enable students to develop skills needed for locating, evaluating, and integrating information from a variety of sources and to utilize that information ethically and responsibly. Additionally, students will learn to develop appropriate research strategies and thinking skills to determine the reliability of information found in all disciplines and venues including the academic library, the World Wide Web and social media. Students will also study issues of copyright, intellectual property, online privacy, and future control of the Internet.




This is the question that needs to be answerd.


In at least 10 – 15 sentences, reflect on what you have learned about navigating and evaluating information in this course and discuss how it will help you in the future. Be sure to develop the ideas in your reflection with supporting details and specific examples. Refer to the scoring guide for this question (below) before writing your response.




  • Instructions are followed exactly as outlined in the assignment
  • Content is consistently organized in a cohesive manner and expressed coherently.
  • Ideas are always supported with strong, concrete examples and credible sources
  • Sentence structure is very sophisticated and contains no grammar or punctuation errors.
  • Creativity and original thought adds extreme insight and vision to the issue or topic
  • Posted: 4 years ago
  • Due: 09/12/2015
  • Budget: $10

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