Conduct an interview of at least 10 questions with a person in a full-time ministry position. The aim of the interview is to discover his/her personal model for decision-making in the ministry. (Hint: Your interviewee may not have one, so the questions must seek to discover how the person goes about making decisions in his/her position of leadership.) The questions must be open-ended, requiring more than an answer of “yes” or “no.” The paper must contain a general summary of the interviewee’s approach to biblical decision making and a critique by you as to its strengths and weaknesses. This critique must be based on leadership lessons and biblical principles, as well as the previously developed biblical decision-making model. Proper and current Turabian format must be followed. The paper must be 1000–1200 words. The full transcript of the interview (questions and answers) must be submitted in writing as an appendix to the paper and does not count towards the word count for the summary.

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  • Due: 08/03/2016
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