Communications Management Plan Instructions: Add some more detail to any of the 3 sections below (less than 200 words total) Introduction The purpose of this document is to define the communications goals and strategies of the Fantasy Baseball Website project. These high-level strategies and goals are intended to provide guidance in planning and measuring results of the current and future communications efforts. The Fantasy Baseball Website project Communications Management Plan (CMP) defines the project’s structure and methods of information collection, screening, formatting, and distribution of project information. It also outlines understanding among project team members regarding the actions and processes necessary to facilitate the critical links among people, ideas, and information that are necessary for project success. The overall objective of a Communications Management Plan is to promote the success of a project by meeting the information needs of project stakeholders and outline the goals of the communications efforts to reach and inform each group. Without detailed plans for communications activities that identify the organizational, policy, and material resources needed to carry them out, the Fantasy Baseball Website project will not be able to secure needed resources, coordinate efforts with other team members, or report its activities and results to key oversight stakeholders (i.e. co-owners of the website). Communications planning activities identify the appropriate level of communication for each project stakeholder, what information should be distributed and the frequency of communications. This plan should also include the vehicle of communications (e.g. email, face-to-face meetings, etc). The risk of insufficient planning could result in failure to accomplish key project objectives, duplication of effort, and reduced stakeholder confidence. Fantasy Baseball Website project communications efforts should be based on this explicit,…

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