CIS2000 Assignment 2 -Systems Analysis and Design S3 2014 Assignment 2 Topic: Planning and Analysis Covers: Module 3 -Module 5 Marked out of 100: Weighting 20% Due Date: Wednesday 31 December 2014 All assignment submissions must be completed individually. Collusion and cheating is considered to be a very serious issue and all assignments will be closely monitored to ensure that all students are submitting their own work. This ensures that all students are treated fairly and graded on their own knowledge and work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements however you must not discuss the actual assignment solution and the solutions to assignment questions must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and fellow students, nor provide copies of your work to others. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed as being the result of collusion or cheating. This may lead to severe academic penalties as outlined in the Student Academic Regulation Misconduct policy found at:- It is your own responsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. It is recommended that you use passwords to protect your files and ensure that others are unable to access your work. All assignments must be submitted in electronic form via the link on the Study Desk by the due date. Ensure that you read the extension guidelines for this course as posted onto the course Study Desk. Only requests that fall within the specified guidelines will be considered. Do not assume that all extension requests will be approved. Read each assignment question carefully and refer as required to your course textbook and materials posted on Study Desk. I encourage students to post any queries that they have regarding this assignment onto the course Study Desk. An appropriate response will be provided and this enables…

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