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Organizing information within a document is important to ease of reading as well as finding information. Based on the lecture notes and my reading for this module, two helpful ways to organize my information are applying differen font styles and indenting/spacing. Using the different font styles has always been a plus for me because it allows you to put emphasis on a word or phrase. It shows the reader the important word or phrase within a sentence. It also always the reader to identify key words to later have something to reference back to. Spacing and indenting are among many other that I use as well. They allow you to go into detail on you topic by breaking it down. With spacing you grasp the attention that your current sentence or paragraph may explain or give detail pertaining to your previous topic or sentence. You can also use spacing as away to list specifics in regards to your topic in any order you feel fits best. When you put the spacing and different font styles together you give more for the reader to capture. It makes it easier for some to go back and reference because they may remember a word or phrase based off something as simple as the bold text.

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