Abstract – A brief summary of your proposed project, not to exceed 200 words. Present a brief introduction to the issue, make the key statement of your research question, and give a brief summary of how you want to address the research question with the possible implications of your work.(of the whole topic)


Introduction – This section sets the context for your proposed project and must capture the reader’s interest. Remember to start with a broad picture that eventually narrows in on your research question. You should briefly describe what the proposed project is about and how you became interested in the topic. State clearly the central issue or theme being addressed. (of the whole topic)


This section should be about 1 page in length.


Project Work Plan and Deliverables – This section should describe time allotted to each portion of your project (e.g., week by week, or stage by stage), with as much detail as possible. It should provide a brief explanation of research activities and timetable for your entire project and the major milestones or deliverables at each stage. Any resources, facilities, or budget should be listed here as well.


This section should be about 2 pages in length



All with APA style and the references have to be with links.

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