Abrajano, Marissa & Zoltan Hajnal. (2015).White Backlash: Immigration, Race, andAmerican PoliticsCoulter, Ann. (2015). ¡Adios America!Tichenor, Daniel (2002).Dividing Lines: The Politics of Immigration Controlin AmericaUrrea, Luis Alberto, (2005).Devil’s Highway: A True StoryYou areon the train in Europe traveling on your break and you get into a conversationwith a fellow passenger from France. She notices you reading Ann Coulter’s book andnot really knowing what is in the book shesays,“Ah yes, you American’s really knowhow to do immigration right! Here we have Muslims coming into the country and it is aserious threat to our security and our wonderful French culture.How is it that Americanscan be so good on immigration while we French just can’t seem to get it right?”Youturn to her and say,“Well madam, we in America don’t have it exactly right. Thereare many problemswithoutour immigration system,and the problems with ourimmigration system have pretty wide reaching effects on other aspects of our lives,butyes wedo get some things right too.”You have a few hours on the trainand so you decide touse the time discuss this issuewith her.Your papers should contain the following elements.1.Thought-Your paper should demonstrate careful reflection and thought about thesubject. Your willingness to consider different perspectives and to articulate thecomplexities of the subject is highly recommended.2.Organization—Your paper should not be difficult to read and your sentences shouldfollow logically towards the overall thinking of your paper. Your writing should becoherent and focused.3.Mechanics—Please be careful to avoid run-on sentences, misused commas orfragment sentences. Your sentences should be direct andclear.4.Citations—Please include citations where they are necessary. You can choose yourown style for citations, but you should be consistent. It is best for these assignments toinclude citations in the text. For example, “Tichenorsays…”. That is sufficient.Yourgrade will take into great consideration how you use the reading material from class.Remember, your grade will largely be dependent on yourproperuse ofthe readingand discussions in class.Usethem widely.5.Style—Your writing should be interesting and engaging, and should reflect some effortinto the subject. Avoid typing errors. Spell-check your paper and do not write shorthand,texting jargon, foul language, etc.6.Format-Your discussion should be∫8-10pageslong and double-spaced withreasonable margins. Please use a standard 12-point font (Ariel, Times New Roman,

Garamond, etc.

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