You’re a contractor working at the prestigious firm of

Palindrome Consulting, Inc

575 Tattarrattat Drive
Oktahatko, FL 32423

Your boss, Erica Wilde, has assigned to you a case to analyze two files of a questionable nature. Law enforcement recovered the files from a workstation at Reynholm Industries after their IT department noticed curious traffic across their network originating from the workstation. The lead investigator indicated that his team believes the software was the origin of this traffic after a cursory look, but has contacted Palindrome to identify specifically what the software is and how it works.

Your task:

Conduct both a static and dynamic analysis of the two files. Report the procedures you used, the results, and, if it is in fact malware, thepossible legal implications of the files use. (That’s in bold for a reason and still some leave this out!)

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