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Shining Essays

    • Design the solution on paper.
    • Determine the functions that you need to create (you need at least 3).
    • Design each function.
    • Implement your design using the provided integrated development environment (IDE).
    • By the end of Week 2, your program should provide the following additional functionality (in addition to the functionality provided in Week1):
      • Ask customers to select products and quantities.
      • Print the order summary, including the products, the quantities, and the total price for each product.
      • Calculate and print the total price for the order.
      • Make sure to add comments to your code.
  • The Documentation
    • Update the project document with the new date and project name.
    • Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
    • New content: Functions
      • Summarize the new functionality that you added to your application.
      • Add a description of each function and how it will work (a flowchart can be used).
      • Provide screenshots of your program execution.
  • Posted: 4 years ago
  • Due: 19/10/2015
  • Budget: $3

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