For each day in your learning journey, write the date and then the learning activity you engaged in.

Detail what impact the learning had on you and then include any evidence you might like to keep

later. This journal should be appended to this assessment when you submit it.

To do this assessment well, you will need to engage in reflective analysis. Reflection is what

happens when you are quiet and calm and have appropriate time to study and is how you

integrate the materials in this subject with what you already know. Sometimes the materials

may challenge what you already know, and at other times it may create new knowledge,

opinions or ways you will integrate into your professional practice. Reflection is not a

cursory comment about a learning activity but instead is an authentic assessment as it

involves you being vulnerable, allowing your personal beliefs and the way you perceive the

world around you to be challenged and, if necessary, changed by what you learn. An

important element of reflection is your incorporation of your belief system, your morals and

ethics as well as how you view the impact of information systems on people.

Toward the end of the trimester, take your learning journal and then build a narrative that

summarises the journey and learnings you undertook while studying this subject. You should refer

to specific journal entries and/or extracts from learning activities to demonstrate your learning. You

should refer to how you can apply the learnings in your future career or the organisation you

currently work for. Should you wish to you can focus your self reflection on one aspect of the

subject from the following topics :

– Business Intelligence and Big data

– Cybersecurity

– Agile Methods and system development

– CRM technologies

– SCM Technologies

There is no required format for the assessment. Students should use initiative and be sure to

conform to the APA referencing style, making use of external sources as appropriate.

Be sure to bookend your assignment with an introduction and conclusion. You may also like to

append your learning activities or other artefacts that demonstrate the attainment of your learning

or the ways in which the learning materials have affected you personally.

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